Welcome to Late Bloomers Rock, where we hope to: 

Convince you it's never too late to try or learn something new: a new hobby, a new career, a new skill, a new attitude. To that end we'll post short bios of people from around the world who learned, to their delight, they could take off in a new direction, even at an older-than-typical age (which can be nearly any age, depending on whether one is learning to walk or starting a new career)

Entertain you with music you've likely never heard before, because I (a late bloomer) wrote and recorded it. And, in case my music isn't your cup of tea, you will occasionally find other artists showcased here, as well.

Note the title of the top "song" on the playlist is "Album Sampler". You can listen now to clips of the songs on my first solo album, which will be released November 23. Order early and get a 20% discount ! If you want to hear all the songs before you buy, the full album is posted here on SoundCloud. Listen as much as you want for free! Order anytime here on my Bandcamp page. Use discount code bltn2018 to get the 20% discount when ordering before November 23. CDs will be sent when released. Digital orders will be notified when ready to download. Find full credits on SoundCloud for all songs below.

December 2018
Better Late Than Never
  • Celebration of the release of the new album "Better Late Than Never"
The Enchanted Cottage, Baudette


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