Mary Ho, Guitar Granny

Mary Ho, holding a guitar

If you have the mistaken notion you're too old to try something new, you need to investigate Mary Ho. Go ahead, do a Google (or Bing, or whatever) search. I'll wait....

Not everyone has Mary's level of determination, true. But so what if you don't become an internet sensation? And I don't blame you if you aren't interested in performing at Singapore's (or any other country's) biggest stage-in-the-country event (National Day Parade). The point is, she didn't give up

And you shouldn't either. I don't care how old (or young, for that matter) you are. You can start doing something new. Did you ever have a dream, something you really wanted to do, but it just never happened? Or you figured you just couldn't do it? Why not? At least give a try. An honest try. Consistent effort for a minimum of six weeks.

A few tidbits about Mary. She started teaching herself acoustic guitar when she was 60 years old. She decided she really wanted to play rock music, so--at the age of 65--she bought an electric guitar and went looking for an instructor. She said rock was too hard to learn on her own. Some teachers turned her down, said she was too old. But she found one, and she learned. Now she has 4 or 5 as many guitars as I do (I have four. Plus a ukulele.). She's serious.

Notice I slipped in a few links, so you can read more about Mary and perhaps get inspired. You'll also be able to hear her play. If you want to hear more, this is her YouTube channel. She turned 81 in 2017, which means she's been playing now for more than 20 years, so don't get discouraged by her level of expertise. It does take some time. 

Remember, learning to do new things helps significantly to prevent dementia. If that isn't motivation, I don't know what is. We seem to be seeing more and more dementia these days. It's, like, an epidemic, or something.


Photo Courtesy of Ministry of Defence, Singapore